This short video explains how IWIN123's residual Income is formatted and how it will markedly increase your success.



  • IWIN123 members receive a 10% residual increase in your income from every sale that is made in your personal down line.
  • Your inviter is eager to continue to help you with all of yours sales because your inviter is being paid to "share" in your success. Your inviter doesn't become hard to reach.
  • This residual component will encourage you and your inviter to work as a team rather than as competitors as is so often the case without this residual incentive.
  • Working in a team environment fosters a back and forth exchange of "Marketing Ideas" between team members due to the likelihood of more residual income for all involved.
  • A residual income will continue to pay you dividends well into the future allowing you to work less and earn more as time goes on.